David Whitney


From this page you can obtain printable versions of separate parts of David Whitney's story by clicking on any of first three links listed below. The fourth link combines the total content of the first three in one file. Each link opens a file in Portable Document Format (.pdf).

To print any of these files, you will need an Adobe Reader or other similar viewer that can handle .pdf documents. Adobe Reader applications are sometimes a part of your internet browser as a plug-in. If so, clicking on the link should automatically open the respective file.

If you don't have an Acrobat Reader but want one, connect to the Adobe Webpage for various free downloadable versions.

The first file contains the Table of Contents and the Synopsis of chapters and sections.

The second one has the main body of text relating David's story.

The third comprises a selection of pictures of David's Vermont family.

Only a few of the pictures that appear in the on-line version are included in these files.